About me

Content Engineering Consultant

Hi, I'm Rafaëla, a Content Engineering Consultant from Amsterdam.
Currently employed at Albert Heijn , the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.

I have 10+ years experience in e-commerce management, omnichannel content coordination, data-driven creative content marketing and analytics. With a keen eye for detail, structure and strategic insight for profitable omnichannel commerce, I've helped organizations and teams grow and streamline their digital activities.

In 2022, I established content engineering as a new functional expertise within Albert Heijn, on the cutting edge of content, tech and data. My mission is to realize the marketer's dream enabling relevant omnichannel customer experiences in an operationally efficient way.

To get more experience with actual engineering and understand what developers and designers are dealing with on a daily basis, I started my coding journey at SheCodes . Take a look at my SheCodes projects!